Title: Champissimo

How/When you got into cycling: started MTB racing in 1994. Realized my vision sucks so started road riding.

Favorite riding discipline: Time Trials

Current bike/s: Going to need a whole web page for this...Let's just say. Several Fujis. Several Ridleys and a Pinarello DOGMA

Favorite ride: From Redwood City to Santa Cruz California and back. Over 7000ft of climbing.

Favorite recovery food: Chocolate Endurox shake blended with Fruit and Oatmeal.

Favorite Pro rider: (Dead)Marco Pantani (Alive)Filippo Pozzato

Hobbies outside of cycling: frothing milk for incredible tasting Cappuccinos

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Preston Muller

Title: Window washer/ professional shop model

How/When you got into cycling: By the time I could walk, I was already flying down the street on my push-bike

Favorite riding discipline: Mountain biking

Current bike/s: Fuji Dynamite

Favorite ride: Shredding some trails at Haw Creek with Dad

Favorite recovery food: French Fries with pepper and a Capri Sun

Favorite Pro: Steven Stamkos from Tampa Bay Lightning

Hobbies outside of cycling: Hockey, Soccer, Pokemon tournaments



Title: General Manager - Owner of Built To Last Wheels

How/When you got into cycling: Started racing mtn bikes in 1997

Favorite riding discipline: Mountain Biking

Current bike/s: Parlee Z5 SL, Colnago Master X-Light, Santa Cruz Nomad

Favorite ride: Pisgah Enchilada

Favorite recovery food: Tacos and beer

Favorite Pro rider: Brendan Semenuk

Hobbies outside of cycling: Being the best father and husband that I can / Owner of Built To Last Wheels

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Michael Barman

Title: Operations Manager

How/When you got into cycling: Preparing for baseball season in Clearwater, Fl 1988.

Favorite riding discipline: Track

Current bike/s: Ridley Helium, Fuji CX, Santa Cruz Superlight, Dolan Track Bike.

Favorite Ride: The Madison

Favorite Recovery Food: Diet Mt Dew

Favorite Pro Rider: Eddy Merckx

Hobbies outside of cycling: Restaurants

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Title: Sales Manager

How/When you got into cycling: I began my love of cycling when I mastered the tricycle. Learning to propel myself on wheels & go where I wanted gave me a sense of adventure and freedom that I am passionate about to this day.

Favorite riding discipline: Climbing mountians

Current bike/s: Yeti ASR Carbon, Litespeed T5g, Niner SIR9 SS, Felt New Belgium Fat Tire Cruiser

Favorite ride: The Pinhoti trail system (or the Gaps on the roadie)

Favorite recovery food: Mexican food & cold beer.

Favorite Pro rider: Cadel Evans (accomplished mtb & road pro) & Thomas Turner (local boy done good)

Hobbies outside of cycling: Backpacking, hiking, cooking, food, beer, wine, bluegrass

Contact Franklin at: franklin@realitybikes.com


Curtis Thomas

Title: Service Technician

How/When you got into cycling: In the early 80's there was a weekly road ride from a park a 1/2 mile from our house.  I got excited about it while on my Huffy 10-speed, but started riding a real road bike in 1987.

Favorite riding discipline: I have always been a roadie.  Maybe somebody could persuade me to visit the dark side some time.

Current bike/s: I will get another new road bike after my body heals from my last crash.  I usually do not keep a bike very long.

Favorite ride: Six Gap (the descents) - 56 MPH down Hogpen!

Favorite recovery food: I am a meat and potatoes kind of guy, and pasta, and pizza, and burgers, and burritos, ....  Let's just say "Yes and lots of it" - No seafood.

Favorite Pro rider:  I do not watch any sports at all, not even my own.  I used to like Greg LeMond and I enjoy watching trials riders.

Hobbies outside of cycling: Family time, going to the beach, visiting GA scenic parks with waterfalls, camping & movies.

Brian Petrie

Title: Customer Advocate

How/When you got into cycling:  As an 11 yr-old in the '80s with a 5:30a paper route in Upstate NY, a tuned & efficient bike was essential. So I learned how to wrench, got a job at a bike shop and started racing. 

Favorite riding discipline: Mountain bikes, but I can get into any type of riding.. You have to be a special kind of person to not have fun on a bike!

Current bike/s: Stripped down, lightweight, single-speed mutt

Favorite ride: Traffic slalom down broadway in NYC

Favorite recovery food: Pie

Favorite Pro rider:  Mark Gonzales

Hobbies outside of cycling: 1) Graphic Design/art; 2) Designing skateboards made for speed and danger with Earthwing Skateboards 3) Trying to be awesomer/positive; 4) Being a great dad above all


Josh Sanders

Title: Mechanic

How/When you got into cycling:  Track racing in high school 

Favorite riding discipline: Anything unpaved

Current bike/s: Surly Cross, Surely Pugsley

Favorite ride: Night riding with friends

Favorite recovery food: Burgers and beer

Hobbies outside of cycling: Hiking with Pfitz and playing music