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We love taking care of your bikes!

We love taking care of your bikes!






Why a professional bike fit?

Having an experienced bike fitter adjust your bike and teach you proper posture on your bike is the single best way to improve your performance and increase your comfort. In an hour ride, you pedal nearly 5,000 revolutions. Small misalignments become exaggerated through high repetition and you start feeling aches and pains or worse, an injury. During a bike fit we cover all aspects of rider-to-bike integration from saddle height, to stem length, and cleat positioning.

Who can benefit from a bike fit?

Generally, if you are serious enough to clip into a bike, you will benefit from a bike fit. Whether you are a professional or recreational rider, getting the proper bike fit is an effective, yet economical way to improve performance.

Cost of a Bike Fit

Standard road or MTB Fit: $100.00
Standard Triathlon bike Fit: $125.00

Our standard "Static" fitting incorporates Laser technology, as well as state-of-the-art camera and video recording. It is not your standard fit experience. 

Fit with Todd

  • Over 20 years of bike fitting experience
  • Over 500 individual bike fits
  • From first riders to UCI Professionals
  • Degree in Exercise science with a emphasis in Exercise Physiology
  • Complete understanding of the human body whether dealing with an injury or looking to become faster and more aerodynamic


PedalRight Fit Studio is an exciting new concept in individualized bicycle fitting services for any type of cyclist — professional racers, elite amateurs & recreational racers, tri-athletes, mountain bikers, fitness cyclists and weekend riders.

Located at Reality Bikes in Cumming, Ga — the heart of the Atlanta metropolitan area's best riding — Retul Fit Studio is a unique environment. Available on an appointment-only basis, the studio has been specifically designed for bike fitting and analysis.

Our fitting services include the motion-capture technology of Retul and CycleOps power analysis, so we can insure that your fit combines comfort with performance.

For the most part, there are five types of bike fit.

  • Something hurts, please help me.

  • I want a new bike, what should I get (and what size).

  • Things are good, but they could be better.

  • I don't know anything and I have never been fit.

  • Make my new bike match my old bike.

Reality Bikes Fit Studio combines the cutting-edge Retul fit system  www.retul.com, the leader in motion-capture biomechanical analysis — adopted by organizations including the Garmin-Slipstream Professional Cycling Team and Carmichael Training System


"I bought my dream mountain bike at another bike shop and didn't get much help with the bike fit. "Looked good" I was told, but suffered with lower back pain for almost a year. Todd did a fantastic job in correcting a number of small problems that led to the back pain. I'm now riding pain free and love my bike again. I highly recommend Todd for a bike fit in you're having any kind of pain while riding."

Jeff Tormey - 5 Stars

"Todd is the bomb!! I brought my bike in yesterday to get fitted because I was having a ton of issues. I cannot tell you how much better my ride felt tonight after all his adjustments, including 1/2 mph average faster than my best ride ever!! THANK YOU TODD!!!"
Jenny Bauer - 5 Stars

"Todd spent two hours with me doing a complex fitting of my triathlon bike. My favorite toy store."     

Joel Patrick - 5 Stars