Demo Bikes

At Reality Bikes we believe that our customers should be able to make an informed decision regarding their new bike purchase. With that in mind, we have assembled a fleet of demo bikes to allow customers the opportunity to take an extended test ride on certain models. Though we are not able to offer demos in every model, we picked models that would best represent the broad range of bikes that we offer. Our knowledgeable sales staff is always happy to discuss the available options and help and get you set up for a test ride.

SAnta Cruz 5010 3 C 27.5+ R size Medium and Large

SAnta Cruz hightower 1 c s 27.5+ size Large

SAnta Cruz tallboy 3 c s size large


The saddle is perhaps the most important component on your bike when it comes to correct bike fit and overall comfort and performance. We're all shaped differently and have varying physiological needs when it come to finding the saddle that works best for our body type and riding style. Don't be fooled by systems that claim to measure your sit bone width and match you to the correct saddle. Sit bone width is a good starting point but there are many other important factors to consider such as flexibility, riding position,and soft tissue & bone structure. Two saddles with the exact same dimensions but with different shape may fit entirely different for a particular person. That's why it's important to actually ride as many different saddles as you can until you find one that provides you proper support, range of motion, and comfort. We keep an extensive collection of demo saddles so that you can ride several saddles before investing in one. We are happy to discuss your needs and help you in narrowing down your options and then helping you properly adjust each saddle before you put it to the test.

Our Saddle Demo fee is $25 for 3 days and is credited back towards your saddle purchase once you have found the best one.

Demo Wheels

First-come, first-served!


ENVE M7030 27.5 Chris King ISO hubs

Hed CX Chris King ISO hubs

SES 3.4 Chris King R45 Hubs

SES 6.7 with Chris King R45 Hubs

SES 8.9 DT Swiss 240's

Zipp 808