RB Club Team

Reality Bikes is proud to present our 2017 club team. Our purpose for developing this concept was to offer riders from all areas of our sport the opportunity to be a part of our team. We are devoted to the promotion of cycling throughout Georgia and feel that there is no better way to achieve this than to develop and support a club of riders who share the same passion that we do. The club team includes riders of all levels and backgrounds from recreational riders and charity & century riders to road and mountain bike racers.

RB Tri Team

Since 2006 Reality Bikes has been sponsoring a Triathlon Team, a fast-growing sport that appeals to all ages.  With 32 members, the 2013 Triathlon Team is the biggest ever with members racing in Age Groups from 15-19 all the way up to 65-69 competing in every distance from Sprints to Ironman.   The Triathlon Team offers an opportunity for amateur triathletes who are committed to the sport to enjoy the camaraderie and group training of a team while sharing their passion for the sport with others.


RB Ambassador Team

This new branch of our Reality Bikes Club Team was put together for the purpose of participating in local road, mountain bike, and cyclocross racing, as well as contributing to the local mountain biking community as advocates to the sport. This small grassroots team consists of riders who have proven their dedication to the sport over the past several years. Each of them lives and breathes cycling and we are proud to offer our support to all of their cycling endeavors for 2016.