PedalRight Basic Fit (1 hour)

Also known as a "static" fit. After a quick rider interview to determine rider history future goals and physiological state we will analyze body position on the bike. The PedalRight Basic Fit focuses on correct positioning of the rider without a detailed dynamic analysis of movement. Proper cleat position is also addressed.

PedalRight Basic Fit Fee:

Single Bicycle Fitting: $150

Two Bicycles (same fitting session): $225


PedalRight Advanced Fit (2.5-3hours)

A fully dynamic fit utilizing the cutting edge Retül system, and a thorough pre-fit assessment that will enable you to ride faster, longer, and with greater comfort.

Pre-fit Assessment:

During the PedalRight pre-fit assessment, we will ask a series of questions designed to help us understand your cycling history, goals, and past injuries. Then we will lead you through a series of tests to evaluate your body’s unique physical characteristics, structure, flexibility, and the possibility of a leg length discrepancy from right to left.

Riding Assessment & Fitting:

The dynamic on-bike riding assessment using Retül allows us to analyze your body’s position and pedal stroke in a state-of-the-art motion 3D capture method. We focus on your correct alignment from all planes of motion (sides, front, and top), ensuring that you are in the most functional position. We will assess hip, knee, and foot alignment (cleat position), to ensure pedaling with maximum power and efficiency, with minimal pain and chance of injury. During the fitting, you will be able to see how efficiently you move in real time and compare changes in your fit.

Retül is the most comprehensive, dynamic 3D motion capture fit system available. Readings taken throughout the dynamic 3D motion capture process are immediately processed and a report generated. We then analyze the data from each report and evaluate the need for position changes. Once the changes are made, the process is repeated to verify effectiveness. Retül uses motion capture technology that is accurate to within less than a millimeter, creating true objective data, which can be utilized to setup your optimal position.

PedalRight Advanced Fit Fees:

Single Bicycle Fitting: $300

Two Bicycles (same fitting session): $450

We also offer a 2-Bicycle fitting package for $500 that allows for any two bicycle fit sessions separately anytime within a year from purchase.


Post-Fitting Consultation

Post-fitting consultations and bike adjustments are included with both the basic and advanced fits for a period of 30 days from the original fit date. Consultations and bike adjustments after 30 days are subject to an hourly rate of $80/hour (billed in 15 minute increments). Cancellations must be made at least 2 days prior to scheduled fitting.


All fees for bike fits do not include charges for service labor. Labor charges are not applied to changing stems, seat posts or saddles.

Applicable Service Rates:

Cutting an ISP (Intergrated Seat Posts) - $50

Cutting Fork Steerer Tube - $25

Wrapping new Bar Tape - $15