A New Concept in Bicycle Fit & Performance

PedalRight Fit Studio is an exciting new concept in individualized bicycle fitting services for any type of cyclist — professional racers, elite amateurs & recreational racers, tri-athletes, mountain bikers, fitness cyclists and weekend riders.

Located at Reality Bikes in Cumming, Ga — the heart of the Atlanta metropolitan area's best riding — Retul Fit Studio is a unique environment. Available on an appointment-only basis, the studio has been specifically designed for bike fitting and analysis.

Our fitting services include the motion-capture technology of Retul and CycleOps power analysis, so we can insure that your fit combines comfort with performance.

For the most part, there are five types of bike fit.

  • Something hurts, please help me.
  • I want a new bike, what should I get (and what size).
  • Things are good, but they could be better.
  • I don't know anything and I have never been fit.
  • Make my new bike match my old bike.

Reality Bikes now brings the specialized philosophy of the fit studio to the Southeast, with a slightly different approach than any other studio or fitter. Simply put, our philosophy is to offer the best fitting services possible, and fit you to the bike you have, regardless of type or brand.

This brand-agnostic approach insures that our only priority is that you are able to achieve your personal cycling goal, whether it be the top step of the podium, a new personal best, completing a century pain free, or simply staying in shape.

Technology & Team

Reality Bikes Fit Studio combines the cutting-edge Retul fit system www.retul.com, the leader in motion-capture biomechanical analysis — adopted by organizations including the Garmin-Slipstream Professional Cycling Team and Carmichael Training Systems — with a team of expert fitters with years of experience in bicycle fit, exercise physiology, bicycle mechanics and set-up (and all are serious riders and racers, too) in a stress-free gallery-like environment.

How is Retül different than the motion analysis systems (i.e. video) my local shop offers?

  • Video analysis is two-dimensional, even with 2 cameras. Motion Capture is three-dimensional which utilizes a 3-D spatial model. A small error is added to the measurement by not including all three dimensions in the calculation process. Small errors make big differences in bike fit.
  • Video cameras have a narrow field of view. Retul sensors have a wide field of view. This means that the video camera must be 1-2 meters further away from the rider to capture the full view of the rider.
  • Video analysis places measurement markers on a small 2-D computer screen; Retul places measurement markers on the rider's body using easy to find skeletal landmarks.
  • Video analysis requires that you manually trace each measurement after the fact with your mouse. Retul automatically performs all the measurements instantly with no manual work.
  • Video analysis takes measurements off of one frame of video, which may or may not be a typical position of the rider. Retul averages all the measurements automatically from each stroke of the recording creating a highly refined model of the average movements of the rider.

What to Bring to Your Fit

The following items are what you will need to bring to your fit session. Think of your fit session as a workout, because you will spend quite a bit of time "riding" on a stationary trainer and likely riding outside as well. Come ready!


Your Bike

Cycling Clothing as if you're going for a ride (because you will)



Water Bottle


Anything else you would typically bring on a ride (flat repair kit, cell phone, ID, etc.)