Junior half-back program

How it works:

Our junior half-back program allows you 2 years from the date of purchase, to trade your childs bike back in for up to half it's original value towards their next bike.  The trade in value is determined at the time of trade in and is dependent uppon condition of the bike being traded back in.  In most cases, unless the bike is in bad shape, we will give you the full 50% trade in value.  All NEW kids bikes are covered by our standard 2 years of FREE service.

What bikes are eligible?

All NEW single-speed kids bikes are eligible for this program.  Bikes eligible for the Junior half-back program may be traded back in towards your child's next bike whether geared or single-speed but geared bikes are not eligible to be traded back in.  Used kids bikes(previously traded back into the program) are not eligible for trade in but do still receive 1 full year of FREE service.   

Why do we do this?

We believe in keeping kids on quality bicycles for three simple reasons.  1) They will be safer on professionally assembled and maintained bicycle of good quality.  2) They will have more fun on a bicycle that functions properly and doesn't fall appart every other time they ride it.  3) The bike will last longer and hold it's value better than a cheaper disposable bike sold by the big box stores.  Find a big box store that will buy their piece of junk bike back from you when your child outgrows it.