Zipp - 101   
$50.00 per 2 days
Zipp has transferred their aerodynamics expertise into the world’s most aerodynamically advanced aluminum wheelset, the all-new Zipp 101. It’s the most affordable way to take advantage of Zipp's cutting-edge aero technologies and premium build quality.

Zipp - 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher   
$100.00 per 2 days
Zipp’s new 404 clincher has been widely described as the most heavily anticipated wheelset of all time.  With its Firecrest™ aero profile, the new Zipp full carbon 404 clincher is the first deep-profile carbon clincher design to offer the superior aerodynamics, ride quality, strength, and handling of a wider rim body. Yet the 404 Carbon Clincher weighs just 1557 grams per set, putting it among the lightest deep-profile carbon clinchers available.

Zipp - 808 Firecrest Carbon Clincher   
$100.00 per 2 days
For triathletes and road racers seeking superior aero performance, stable handling, and the convenience of clinchers, there’s no faster all-around wheelset than the 808 Carbon Clincher.  Optimizing the revolutionary Firecrest aero rim concept for a 81mm depth and the distinct airflow pattern of clincher tires required Zipp to evaluate a slew of minutely varied prototypes through computational fluid dynamics and in the wind tunnel. At 27mm wide, the final version is the fastest deep-section carbon clincher in the world. Yet, with a weight of only 1759 grams, it more than holds its own on the climbs.

Built To Last - Custom Wheels   
$100.00 per 2 days <br>Built To Last Wheels is committed to the idea that every wheel they build should be as different as the riders that are on them.  Each custom wheel build begins with a consultation to determine the best combination of components to achieve the optimal wheel build for each riders needs.  There are three demo wheel sets available as an example of some of the many options for your custom build.

  • Built to Last – Enve Composites 45 clincher rim, DT Swiss 190 ceramic hub
  • Built to Last – DT RR465 rim, DT 240 hub, DT Aerolite spokes
  • Built to Last 26” tubeless  DT XR400 rim, DT 240 hub