Cycleops Power   
$100.00 per 2 days


CycleOps PowerTap is the precise instrument that gives you access to real-time performance measurements and is accurate to within +/- 1.5%.  Add the PowerAgent software package, and you'll have all the tools you need to guarantee you make the most of your data.

Quark - CinQo   
$100.00 per 2 days


The Quarq CinQo is a bicycle powermeter that is integrated into the crankset of the bicycle.  Add in the ANT+ Wireless Communication with the convenience of a user replaceable CR2450 battery and you've got Quarq Power!


The CinQo powermeter measures power by measuring the torque (pedal force) and the angular velocity (cadence). When you press on the pedals, all parts of the bikes drivetrain displace (flex) slightly under the load. The CinQo spider is carefully designed using Finite Element Analysis to displace in a very controlled manner in specific locations in response to applied load. Strain gages are used to measure the displacement and thus calculate the applied torque.


The ANT+ radio transmits the CinQo's power measurement digitally to other ANT+ compatible bicycle computers. (Think of ANT+ as "Bluetooth" for bicycles.)  ANT+ computers include the Garmin Edge 705 and the iBike iAero.  The ANT standard is available to all bike computer manufactures, so look for more ANT+ compatible bike computers in the future.